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Our Story

1st Artisan Creamery in Saskatchewan

From Wine to Cheese  
Kirby has over a 20-year career as a commercial winemaker. After getting his feet wet in wine production in Australia, he followed with consecutive harvests interning as winemaker in British Columbia, California, and Chile. Kirby settled in British Columbia in 1998 and spent time making wine with four well recognized wineries before opening a winery with his wife Crystal. 
Crystal has over a decade of experience as a communications and marketing director.  Having owned  her own successful Events and Marketing Company, she has worked with major sporting events, businesses, government departments and non-profit organizations. As a partner in their winery her primary role was focusing on Agri-tourism marketing strategies. She also held the position of Executive Director for two Okanagan Wine Regions. 

Hometown Moose Jaw 
Both Kirby and Crystal are from Moose Jaw.  They retuned to their hometown to be with their families in 2011 and began to look for a new venture. Kirby landed on the idea of a creamery. Having had production experience he discovered that the art and science of winemaking easily transferred to creating cheese. 
In 2015 Kirby designed and built the creamery from the ground up. Creating recipes, establishing sales and working on beginning the very 1st artisan creamery in Saskatchewan. Crystal used her promotional experience to get the word out through marketing.  In 2016 released their first Coteau Hills Creamery Balkan Style Feta cheese. 

Partnering for Success 
Right from the start Coteau Hills Creamery had a partnership made in heaven. Blaine and Marlie McLeod saw the potential and didn’t hesitate to come on board to help establish the creamery. They are well known dairy farmers who own and operate Caroncrest Farms that has been a family operation for over 40 years in Caronport. As partners Kirby and Crystal and Blaine and Marlie McLeod share the same philosophy of creating amazing cheese from the best milk provided by our Saskatchewan Dairies.

They Are Growing
The first few years Kirby developed the recipes for our Coteau Hills Feta, Great Plains Blue and Sage Farmers and established our cheeses in grocery stores around Saskatchewan.  As they grew, they welcomed Lee Brandt on board as their sales manager and now cheese maker. He has introduced Cranberry Sage and Prairie Sunset to the list of deliciousness. You will often see him at the farmers markets and stores showcasing these great cheeses. 

Together they have grown Coteau Hill Creamery and you can now find their cheeses in grocery and specialty shops all across Saskatchewan. 


Proud to be Saskatchewan Made! 

Our Team.

Coteau Hills Creamery is a partnership between the Froese family and the McLeod family.

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